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3D USB DSLR Focus Controller

3D USB DSLR  Focus Controller
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Price: $199
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Model: 3D DSLR cntroller
Manufacturer: CINEMATICS
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3D USB Focus Controller:

can easily remote control the Canon camera, using two cameras simultaneously.

(1)Starts/stops video recording function
(2)Toggles live view on/off
(3)Initiates image capture
(4)Initiates autofocus and metering
(5)Saves and returns to four focus points
(6)Cycles digital zoom 1 X/5 X/10 X to aid in focusin
(7)Adjusts focus step size and focus command send rate
(8)Adjusts ISO,aperture,shutter speed,and exposure compensation (Even if the machine can also be adjusted in the rocker, which bring great convenience to use),Adjusts focus zone positioning .
(9)The UBS Focus Controller uses the motor in the lens to control the focus,even while recording video. We recommand using Canon USM lens with ultrasonic waves motor, please note that not all third-party lenses’s focus control can be achieved.
(10)When the HDMI and the camera is connected, the USB Focus Controller also to work properly. Protect you from the impact of signal control when using an external monitor.
(11)Compatible with passive USB cable, is tested to support up to 50 meters USB cable for the camera on the boom arm to use, and cameraman on the ground only through the Focus Controller to control the camera.

Apply to the following models:

• EOS 5D Mark III

• EOS 5D Mark II
• EOS 1D Mark IV
• EOS 7D
• EOS 60D
• EOS 600D/Rebel T3i/Kiss X5
• EOS 550D/Rebel T2i/Kiss X4
• EOS 500D/Rebel T1i/Kiss X3
The ten buttons and a konb on the Focus Controller can easily remote control the camera:
With a 1/4 threaded port on the back of Focus Controller, you can install the optional tools on the head handle.

Large-scale mold production, quantities available, price is only half of similar products abroad.
The same as Canon’s utility, USB Focus Controller achieved a variety of functions with the advantage of Canon’s protocol, the different is that through the USB Focus Controller, you can connect the computer to achieve Utility funtion constraints. The product is handheld, weighing less than 155g(with battery) and diameter less than 3 inches(100MM), USB Focus Controller and the camera via USB cable connected with A to B by Standard Interface(MINI). The USB controller on the back with a 1/4 screws can be connected with the bottom bracket fixed to the shooting support .
  Even in the video recording, USB Focus Controller is also able to focus with the Canon USM AF motor inside the lens to achieve focus with the control, the function also applies to live view mode to take pictures for photography.  With the USB Focus Controller and a camera connection, HDMI output can also work, as the other nine around the central knob surrounded by nine buttons can achieve a variety of important features inluding video recording function on/off, digital zoom, adjust certain parameters, fierce autofocus, and more violent the focus of saving.

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