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4*4 ND filters

4*4 ND filters
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Price: $249
Availability: In Stock
Model: ND2; ND4; ND8
Manufacturer: CINEMATICS
Average Rating: Not Rated

A set includes three specifications: ND2,ND4 and ND8; you can also buy seperately, $99 each piece.

4*4 ND filters dedicated to Matte box

Specifications: ND2, Light reduction rate 50%; ND4, Light reduction rate 75%; ND8, Light reduction rate 87.5%

Material: Reflective Glass

The capacity of ND filters to reduce a variety of different wavelengths of light is the same, uniform, and play the role of reduced light, and color of the original object will not have any impact, it can faithfully reproduce the scene contrast.

The main purpose of ND filters is to prevent overexposure, if the light is too bright,it's difficult to choose a slower shutter speed, then use the ND filters to reduce the light entering the lens, you can use slower shutter.

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