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Universal Matte Box for film SONY RED BMCC C300

Universal Matte Box for film SONY RED BMCC C300
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Price: $199
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Model: matte box
Manufacturer: CINEMATICS
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Universal matte box for 15mm rail system

Material: Aluminum matte box, with stainless steel screws

Size: for 15mm rail rig, maximum lens size 114mm

Weight: matte box 1kg + 4pcs sun visor plates 0.5kg


Accessories: matte box main body, 4pcs removable sun visor plate, 2pcs 4x4 filter holders, 1pc cloth donut ring or 4pcs different size donut rings for different lenses



Quick release locking design, side-opening door for quick replacement of the lenses.

2pcs filter holders, one is fixed, the other can be rotated 90 degrees for CPL filter.

Aluminum material, not plastic;

U shape bracket support instead of L shape, which is much more stable

4pcs of removable sun visor plates instead of 3pcs, the bottom one blocks reflected lights for shooting on the beach, snow, water surface, modern city smooth ground, etc.

Black flock inside the 4pcs sun visor plates, absorb lights.

The left and right sun visor plates open angle can be adjusted.

Matte box position on 15mm rail rig can be easily moved forward and backward with one screw.



The distance from the matte box 15mm rail hole center to the matte box back ring(which is for lens) center is 93mm, if the camera base plate 15mm rail hole center to camera mount center is higher than 93mm, please order our matte box higher riser together;

If lower than 93mm, the lens will not be bang at the centre of matte box back ring, we will send the matte box with cloth ring, which will not cause problem;

But if you do mind about this, we also have height adjustable base plate to riser you camera body. Please contact us for more information

As there are many different cameras with different base plates, it is difficult for matte box to fit every camera, we will send the cloth back ring by default, if you want the 4pcs donut rings, please leave us a message.


We also has accessory to change matte box height, if your camera is big, we suggest you order this part together, the cost is $20:



 Matte box on rig:



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Universal Matte Box for film SONY RED BMCC C300
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